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Prosthetic Leg

DOLGULU TICK Prosthetic leg is a device that serves as an artificial limb and is applied to people who have lost their limbs due to various reasons or who were born without limbs.

DOLGULU TICK You can find answers to everything that needs to be done in the period between the post-amputation process and prosthetic leg application by contacting the provitalprosthesis clinic.

DOLGULU TICK What should I do after amputation?

DOLGULU TICK Which type of prosthetic foot should I choose?

DOLGULU TICK What are the prices of prosthetic legs? We answer your questions such as these with our expert prosthesis and orthosis staff and provide you with the most appropriate service.

DOLGULU TICK You can contact us for more detailed information.

Prosthetic Arm

DOLGULU TICK Arm prosthesis is a type of prosthesis that serves as an artificial limb and is applied to people who have arm loss or have lost part of their arm or hand due to birth, a work accident or various reasons.

DOLGULU TICK Hand prostheses are applied individually.

DOLGULU TICK Can I move my fingers after the prosthetic arm is installed?

DOLGULU TICK How is the prosthetic arm attached?

DOLGULU TICK What are the types of prosthetic arms?

DOLGULU TICK What is the price of a prosthetic arm? We can also provide you with free consultancy for your questions such as.

provital prosthetic arm

Silicone Prosthetics

DOLGULU TICK Silicone prostheses are generally cosmetic products.

DOLGULU TICK In addition to silicone foot prostheses, silicone toe prostheses, silicone hand prostheses, silicone hand finger prostheses, there are also silicone arm prostheses used for visuality.

DOLGULU TICK These products are not functional.

DOLGULU TICK Silicone prostheses provide the appearance of a real limb at a rate of 95%.

DOLGULU TICK What is the difference between silicone arm prosthesis and arm prosthesis?

DOLGULU TICK Can the fingers move with the silicone hand prosthesis?

DOLGULU TICK Are silicone prosthesis prices cheap? Please contact us for your questions.

Leg Orthosis

DOLGULU TICK A walking device is an orthosis that people with no leg control should use to improve their quality of life by walking more efficiently.

DOLGULU TICK People who have lost knee control in the past due to polio or subsequent paralysis or stroke can continue their lives more comfortably and efficiently with the walking device.

DOLGULU TICK What is the best walking orthosis?

DOLGULU TICK Which is the cheapest walking device?

DOLGULU TICK Why is the carbon walking device different from others? If you ask us your questions, we will answer them in the most accurate way with our expert staff.

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